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Latest Release 'Escape Down Under' is set in Perth/Port Hedland in Western Australia.

Susan Reynolds escapes a miserable existence in London and is determined to start her life over again. After moving halfway across the world, Susan is ready to enjoy her new-found freedom in Australia. One embarrassing incident is all fate needs to change her plans – and businessman, Ryan McAllister, is at the centre of them.

Cover by Dark Dawn Creations

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Grapevines and Gum Trees is set in the town of Yarloop in the mid-1980’s.  Once a thriving town in the south west of Western Australia, Yarloop was the centre of a large timber industry and home to many families.

The novel is a story of family, identity, forgiveness and acceptance.

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Cover designed by Delle Jacobs.


A recent blog post    Louie's Back Story - Continued


A recent blog post.     Louie's back-story


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Candy's Man  Read Chapter One on Goodreads

Cover from Romance Novel Center


Candy's Man - A Short Prelude  Read on Goodreads

Where The Heart Is   Read Chapter One on Goodreads

Heart's Promise  Read Chapter One on Goodreads


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Oct 7th 2012 'Candy's Man' was rated 4 out of 5 Stars on Goodreads

'Candy's Man' by Jeanette Hornby has all the bells and whistles: snappy, slick, with a well-planned plot laden with passion, twists and thwarted desire.  There are beautiful people, beautiful cars, beautiful houses and beautiful clothes.  Not to mention the shoes.  And enough emotion, tension and unhappy confusions to keep you glued to the story.  Will Candy get her man?  Rather ask, will Candy's Man get her?  The twists and turns are so adroitly planned, I could not stop reading - I had to know the answers to these questions.  Well-written, well-paced, it is both heart-warming and heated, intriguing and satisfying.  If you're a lover of traditional romance novels, then this one's for you.

Another review by Malla Duncan


Read a Review of 'Where The Heart Is'  5 Star Review

'I found the book to be well-written and interesting. I couldn't put the book down.'

Feb 5th 2012 'Heart's Promise' was reviewed and rated 4 out of 5 Stars on Goodreads

'This is a deceptively gentle book that takes you on that old, familiar roller-coaster ride of adolescent love.

Set in Australia in the early seventies, this is a story of a small community, family discord, religious and racial prejudices, friendship and loyalty; and children struggling to find their own identity in the see-saw of adult relationships.  The novel skilfully portrays Milly, a young girl on the brink of sexual awareness and adult emotions; her conflicting feelings, her first kiss, the tumult of jealousy and betrayal, the reality of loss and grief.

What I liked about this book was the quiet, easy style of writing, cleverly introducing the more serious underlying issues of class, dysfunctional families, and the dangers faced when growing up - all within the framework of ordinary life.  at the end of the book, I was loath to leave Milly and Flynn, they had built so strongly in my mind.  This is a story for young and old, universal in appeal.  A real trip down memory lane.' 

Another Malla Duncan Review


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